International Sourcing Adventures Part 2

Here at Ten Big Ones, we travel the world looking for great products and forming relationships with manufacturers and suppliers...

Let me fill you in a bit further from our trip to Canton Fair.

We visited hundreds of exhibitions like th eone shown here above. Here we discovered high quality manufacturing and branding of the latest in outdoor tactical technology. I would talk through the products and catch the vision of the people who stand behind their products.

We discovered some really cool products that have not even been released to the market yet, you simply cannot find them anywhere online.

At the fair, they are also very secretive about some of their latest inventions and they do their best to hide these special products from the other exhibitors. 


Because we kind of knew this would be the case, we would talk to the people at the really high quality stalls and query them about their new arrivals and products that were "not displayed" and to our favor, we were shown many great things. 

As they come available, we will be procuring these great new products. We need to wait till they are out of prototype stage. We will be bringing them in the highest quality to you. First they need to be tested and we also need to ensure we are selling products that are safe and will be family friendly.


We traveled by hired push bikes (see photo below) outside of the fairs open hours to suppliers like the one above and sat down to discuss in detail the deals we require, We used these meetings to discuss products that will perfectly suit our customers and the demands of the ever-changing market today. 

This particular company makes amazing bamboo casing and technology from giant bamboo wall watches to precisely engineered bamboo PC peripherals and phones cases right through to Swiss mechanical movement wrist watches. 

Some of the cool things we saw, we were amazed. Like how can you make such things out of bamboo? But if there's a will, there's a way.

If there's an opportunity to meet demand, there is a way to produce exactly what is required

Let us know of you have anything in mind that you would like and you cannot find it anywhere. Chances are, we can find it on our travels.


We had to get a local bank account and a local sim card linked to that account so we could use the complete functions of an App called Alipay. Once we had all this setup, which was a mission of semi-epic proportions, we could hire bikes and get around the city without having to use public transport. Needless to say all the other services that locals enjoy in Guangzhou that require the super popular QR Code payment systems.

Note: If you are going to China, make sure you get setup like the locals with QR code payment ability, it will help heaps.

In Guangzhou, it is easy to get around using the underground metro system but not as fun as riding around up top where you can see everything and smell everything for that matter.

Plus you can really get a good feel for the wonderful driving and cycling system in this part of the world, it's an experience in itself. Be prepared to push where you have never pushed and ride where you have never ridden before. Over here, there's always a first time for everything, everyday. 

Well, this is all for now, I will continue this thought next week, have a good one and make sure you make the most of every moment, make it a good one. 

Here at Ten Big Ones we go to greater lengths to ensure you are getting the best value.

Stay tuned for more updates on the International Sourcing Missions.



Director of Marketing @ TBO


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