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Ten Big Ones Sourcing Team! Making it Happen @ Canton Fair!

Here at Ten Big Ones, we travel the world looking for great products and forming relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. We do this to ensure you are getting the best products and have peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, we have it covered with a trustworthy after-service. 

Because we make an effort, we are able to find cutting-edge innovation and awesome technology to suit all price points and budgets.

Our recent adventure took us to the 123rd Canton Fair 2018. This was awesome and we had a great experience meeting 1000's of suppliers from all over China and other top manufacturing economies. 

This fair was absolutely massive beyond comprehension! 

It took literally 30 minutes of walking non stop to get from one end to the other!

But get this, it was four stories in some places!

Furthermore, there were three phases where all new categories would come in after the previous moved out. 

When you come to a fair like this, you need to pick your battles and make clear decisions what your priorities are. 

We focus on making contacts with manufacturers that are high quality, companies who have a good sense of branding. People who communicate well and have a passion for the products they make. 

When we found these qualities we could clearly see it in the whole package they were presenting. Upon our satisfaction, we felt comfortable to form a solid business relationship with them. We then would spend time and find out about their standout features and products that would be perfect for the marketplace. 

Below is a picture of one room which had about 500 stalls within it


It was a great adventure and there's much more to share so keep watching for more on this soon...


The TBO Team! 

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